Care for bedridden patients in summer, how to prevent the occurrence of bedsores
The hot season poses a particular threat to bedridden patients due to the increased risk of developing pressure sores. High temperature and increased sweating reduce the skin's resistance to damage.
Sunburn: what are their features, what first aid should be provided to the victim
Sunburn is considered the most common problem that people face during the summer season. Why is everyone so fond of sunbathing in the sun, despite the danger? The fact is that the sun's rays contribute to the production of vitamin D, improve mood and give the skin a beautiful shade.
First aid for fainting: what should and should not be done
Syncope is a short-term loss of consciousness caused by a temporary decrease in blood supply to the brain. Fainting is caused by various factors – from stress or overheating of the body to serious medical problems. First aid in case of fainting is of great importance, as it helps to prevent possible complications, ensures the safety of the victim and saves his life.
Psoriasis: what are the causes of the disease, the deterioration of the disease in summer, its prevention
Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that usually worsens in winter due to cold, dryness, low humidity and lack of sun. However, in some patients, the disease may worsen in the summer. The condition of the skin deteriorates significantly under the influence of active sunlight.
The latest technologies in urogynecology were discussed by doctors from Moscow and Orenburg
On May 30, on the basis of the largest medical center in Orenburg, a lecture and a master class were held from a leading gynecologist from the capital, Natalia Sergeevna Badikova.