Gauze in pieces

Medical gauze in pieces "Angel" is made of high-quality gauze 36 g / m2 in strict accordance with GOST 16427-93. Gauze has high strength and absorbency. High quality plastic bag is used for packing of the gauze pieces, with perforation for convenient opening.

  • Отрез марлевый Help 3м
  • Отрез марлевый Help 5м
  • Отрез марлевый Help 10м

Product sizes

Article Size Density gauze Sterile / non sterile Quantity per packing Quantity in the carton Sizes of carton box, mm
H311 3m х 90cm 36 g/m2 Нестериль. 1 pcs 60 570 х 380 х 300
H312 5m х 90cm 36 g/m2 Нестериль. 1 pcs 40 570 х 380 х 300
H313 10m х 90cm 36 g/m2 Нестериль. 1 pcs 25 570 х 380 х 300

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