Gauze Bandages, sterile and non sterile

Medical gauze bandages "HELP" are made of high-quality gauze 36 g / m2 in strict accordance with GOST 1172-93. Bandages have high strength and absorbency.
Three-layer material 60 microns thick is used for packing dressings. The inner layer of polyethylene provides the ideal seam tightness. The outer layer of polypropylene packaging lends strength and impermeability to complete bacteria. Printing is performed between the layers. Packaging is ideal for sterile products.

  • Бинт 5х10 стерильный
  • Бинт HELP
  • Бинт HELP
  • Бинт HELP

Product sizes

ArticleSize of the bandageDensity gauzeSterile/Non SterilePackage quantityQuantity of the packages per boxSizes of the transport box, mmPhoto
Н 101 5m х 10cm 36 g/m2 Sterile 1 pcs 400 570 х 380 х 220 icon
Н 102 7m х 14cm 36 g/m2 Sterile 1 pcs 250 570 х 380 х 220 icon
Н 111 5m х 10cm 36 g/m2 Non Sterile 1 pcs 600 570 х 380 х 300 icon
Н 112 7m х 14cm 36 g/m2 Non Sterile 1 pcs 350 570 х 380 х 300 icon

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To professionals

To compare the quality of medical bandage the same size of different manufacturers, it’s enough to weigh them on an electronic balance. High-quality medical bandage weighs more because made of thicker (and thus quality) gauze. You also need to measure the length and width of the bandage, and compare with the dimensions stated on the packaging. Weight bandages manufactured in strict accordance with GOST 1172-93, shall be: for the bandage 10cm x 5m - not less than 15g; for the bandage 7m x 14cm - not less than 30g. If bandage weight is less - it means that it is made of "lightweight" gauze, or its length and width does not match the data specified on the package.

Thick gauze provides not only high strength of bandage, but also increased absorbency. Quality thick medical bandages are easy and economical to use, since less quantity of dressing is required. Such bandages does not lose the shape, does not break and does not disintegrate in the thread in use.

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