Industrial holding "Evers Group Rus" is a manufacturer of medical products. "Evers Group Rus" has one of the largest production capacity in Russia to produce the entire range of medical wound dressings. Holding a stable working structure, owns all stages of production technology, possess a large segment of the market of the dressings, has good links with suppliers and many years of experience in this field.
The company has its own production of medical gauze. This allows us to control the production process of gauze products at all stages: from raw material to finished product. Therefore we guarantee to consumers the high quality of our products.
In the pharmaceutical market, the group of companies "Evers Group Rus" has proved a serious manufacturer within the three largest companies in the production of dressings.

"Evers Group Rus", produces standard dressings:

  • Medical bandages, sterile and non-sterile of all sizes;
  • Medical cotton wool absorbent hygiene, surgical and sterile;
  • Medical gauze wipes non-sterile and sterile;
  • Medical gauze in pieces;
  • Medical gauze bleached of different density: 26/28/32/36 grams / sqm.
  • Alcohol pads, wound dressing plasters on postoperative wounds.
Based on a 10 years experience, our company is confident that the market needs high-quality dressings made in accordance with State standards and at affordable prices. Therefore, building capacity, increasing the range of products, improving technology and perfecting management processes, we set ourselves the following aims:
  • produce products which combines modern production technology and its packaging;
  • used in the manufacture of surgical dressings only high-quality raw materials
  • provide customers with the most whole range of dressings;
  • provide individual operating conditions of our customers;


To make all this a reality, the company employs more than 300 people: weavers, warper, operators, mechanics, packers, all those whose hands made our products. For your information about production process we are ready to tell you the following:
  • First, cotton fiber enters the spinning mill and processed into yarn.
  • Then, cotton yarn is transported to our weaving factory, which produced severe gauze.
  • To gauze acquired the qualitative characteristics which it must comply, the gauze is bleached, after that it becomes suitable for the production of medical dressings.
  • Then bleached medical gauze goes to production, where it is made of bandages, wipes, packed in individual packaging, placed in a shipping container, and then sent to the sterilization.
  • And only after that, the products delivered to you - our customers.

Here is a long and difficult path.
And yet, apart from traditional dressings, we produce modern, easy to use and effective wound dressings. The wound care with this heals quickly and delivers a lot less trouble. Production of advanced products destined to the trend in world medicine, which is on the path of security, functionality and efficiency. We believe that the more we do in this direction, the more people will be satisfied with the results of our work, the better quality of life will be in our country.

We know we are doing a noble cause: we produce products that people need, that in view of the circumstances require it.

New products

New productsThe company is working constantly to improve the existing products and new product development.
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