Alcohol Pads

TU 9393-004-52707619-2006
Medical Alcohol Pads are made of nonwoven fabric (based on natural fibers), thereby having a high hygroscopic characteristics, impregnated 70% isopropyl alcohol. It is packed individually in a dense composite material which prevents drying during the whole period of validity. Designed for skin treatment and disinfection of medical instruments.

  • Салфетки спиртовые Evers-Life
  • Салфетки спиртовые Evers-Life
  • Салфетки спиртовые Evers-Life
To professionals

Few years ago cotton "balls” were used for the treatment of skin prior to injection. Their manufacturing and sterilization took a long time, and their shelf life was not great.

Today, they were replaced by alcohol pads. Strong multi-layer packaging ensures their tightness that contributes to the preservation of sterility for the entire shelf life of the product.

Alcohol pads are made from high quality non-woven material - thick and soft. Using the latest achievements and equipment from well-known manufacturers, we have achieved excellent quality. Our alcohol pads have high hygroscopic, they are impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol - one of the best anesthetics!

Package the dressing should not only be reliable, but comfortable for the opening, without using scissors. Our sterile wipes you can open simply, and you can easily take the required amount. Treatment of skin and tools using alcohol pads in a medical facility or at home - is safe, fast and comfortable!

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