Oilcloth Plain

It is a polyester fabric, the front side is coated with colored PVC coating.
● used as a backer material in cribs, strollers;
● to cover mattresses;
● to cover medical and massage tables;
● to cover the stretcher, couches and changing table.

Benefits skid oilcloth with PVC coating:
● pleasant to the body - soft and elastic;
● lack of effect of cold touch - this is especially important for babies;
● possibility of multiple disinfection PVC coating - an indispensable advantage for hospitals and teaching hospitals;
● long-term use;
● watertight;
● permeability - reliably protect bedding;
● vapor permeability;
● diversity of colors.

Product sizes

Product Sisez Color Quantity in the package
Plain Oilcloth with PVC coating (no border) 1,0 м х 1,4 (+/-0,05)m packaged in the bag with euroslot Different colors 40
Plain Oilcloth with PVC coating (no border) 2,0 м х 1,4 (+/-0,05)m packaged in the bag with euroslot Different colors 20

Face Medical Masks, 3 ply

Маски для лица медицинские, трехслойные

Face Medical Masks "Evers-Life", with locking nose, elastic bands, non-sterile. The mask consists of three layers: an outer (protective), filter layer and an inner layer of soft hypoallergenic material to avoid skin irritation. Package: a group of packaging 50pcs, "zip-lock" of 5 and 10 pieces.

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