Gauze wipes, sterile

100% Cotton / GOST 16427-93
Medical gauze sterile wipes are made from bleached medical gauze GOST 9412-93. They are used in case of direct contact with an open wound surface. Sterilized by radiation. Individually packed in a tight polypropylene.

  • Салфетки марлевые Evers-Life
  • Салфетки марлевые Evers-Life
  • Салфетки марлевые Evers-Life
To professionals

Any public or private health facility, every medical center and even mandatory for the SDA first aid kit in your car, it is simply impossible to imagine without a component such as sterile gauze wipes.

High-quality wipes, for the production of which is used exclusively natural cotton (no synthetic materials!). They are manufactured according to GOST 16427-93 or European standards. For its size are divided into many categories - from 5cm x 5cm to 29cm x 45cm, the number of layers of the seven-layer to single-layer. According to GOST we produce double-layer sterile gauze wipes in the packages 5 pcs, 10 pcs and 20 pcs, in sizes from 14cm x 16cm to 29 x 45cm. The main qualities that should have gauze cloth - is primarily hygroscopic and hypoallergenic. During the operation, upon receipt of any injury, let alone in an accident a person may simply not know - whether he is allergic to any substance, or is unconscious. For this reason, gauze wipes must produce exclusively from natural 100% cotton!

We are ready to offer you a wide range and at an affordable price.

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