Diapers from Gauze

The company "Evers Group Rus" start serial production of the children's gauze diapers.

The factory is equipped with modern sewing equipment, ensures high quality products. Four-layers diapers 65 x 65 cm are made of high density gauze. Quality diapers guarantees their reuse and washing.

  • Gauze diapers - it is 100% cotton, eco-friendly product.
  • Gauze diapers will help to develop the baby a reflex "toilet training".
  • Reusable diapers will save the budget of a young family.
  • Mommy all over Europe come back to gauze diapers!


Product sizes

Article Sizes of the diaper Sterile/Non Sterile Quantity of the diapers in the package Quantity of the packages per box Sizes of the transport box, mm
Н 1011 65 x 65 cm Non sterile 5 pcs 20 570 х 380 х 300

NEW - is well forgotten OLD

In recent years, baby diapers gauze again become popular. About how to make them properly you can learn not only from their mothers, but also on women's forums. But in order to make them yourself, you need to select a suitable material, or gauze, quite dense weave. And most importantly, you must have diapers gauze of at least 20-25 pieces, given the fact that you have almost every day they are washed and dried. Agree, even with home sewing machine, only the time of their production goes pretty much ...

We have Baby gauze diapers in our product range. They are made from high density four layer gauze. Natural cotton without any admixture of synthetic fibers, is completely hypoallergenic and suitable literally every kid.

Despite the fact that baby gauze diapers have a special absorbent gel layer and oilcloth - they perfectly absorb and retain moisture reliably. Disposable diapers, you can leave for long walks or trips to the doctor, and for daily use are optimal gauze diapers. They are your child will feel comfortable and will accustom yourself potty.

New products

New productsThe company is working constantly to improve the existing products and new product development.
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ProductionTo help you understand what is our production, we’d like to tell you the following...
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