Surgical cotton wool, sterile

100% Cotton / GOST 5556-81
Surgical cotton wool, sterile, is made from 100% cotton fibers. Widely used in medical practice, as well as in the various cotton-gauze products: bandages, pads, tampons and so on. It can be applied in the event of contact with an open wound surface. It has high hygroscopic - quickly absorbs wound discharge, and evaporates the moisture dries well. Indispensable during general surgical procedures. Sterilized by radiation. Available in rolls of 25/50/100/250 grams. It is packed in polypropylene film.

Product sizes

Article Weight Quantity in the carton box
5 001 25 g 260
5 002 50 g 200
5 003 100 g 100
5 004  250 g 35

Medical cotton wool, as well as the gauze, is mandatory component of the "arsenal" not just any hospital or medical center, but also first aid kit. There is nothing surprising. Medical cotton wool is used in the treatment of wounds, when applied warming compresses and so on.

It is necessary to mention one small but very important point. Medical cotton wool must be produced exclusively of cotton, according to GOST 5556-81. No synthetic fibers should be used! Cotton wool as well as the cotton gauze must be hygroscopic and hypoallergenic. Indeed, what is the use of the dressing material that does not absorb liquids very well and also capable of causing allergic reactions in some selected patients?

It is generally known that medical devices should meet high demands, including environmental purity. Medical cotton wool, presented on our site meets all the requirements. We always provide our goods to all the necessary documents of compliance and quality certificates.

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