Gauze wipes, sterile

Medical Gauze Sterile Wipes "Angel", double-layer, are made of high-quality gauze 32 g / m2 in strict accordance with GOST 16427-93. Wipes are highly hygroscopic. Three-layer material 60 microns thick is used for the packaging of gauze wipes. The inner layer of polyethylene provides excellent seam tightness. The outer layer of polypropylene packaging lends strength and impermeability to complete bacteria. Printing is performed between the layers. Packaging is ideal for sterile products.

  • Салфетки марлевые Angel

Product sizes

Article Size of the wipe Quantity per package Density of thegauze Sterility Sterile / non sterile Quantity of packages in the carton Photo
16 х 14 cm* 10 pcs 32 g/m2 Sterile 400 570 х 380 х 220
16 х 14 cm* 20 pcs 32 g/m2 Sterile 400 570 х 380 х 220
45 х 29 cm* 5 pcs 32 g/m2 Sterile 400 570 х 380 х 220

* 2 ply

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