— is a dressing, which greatly facilitate the treatment of wounds, burns, injuries and fractures. Each wound requires an individual approach and it is important to choose the right dressings.

An unfortunate accident: burns, cuts, personal injury - such troubles happen to anyone. And if the burn or wound to protect yourself is not always possible, it is possible to quickly and effectively treat them with the care products wounds “Angel”.

Dressing of the wounds is usually the most problematic procedures both at home and in the hospital. But we know how to solve this problem successfully by producing a modern, easy to use and effective dressings. Wound care is easy, dressing and treatment of wounds is quick and requires no special skills.

A wide range of innovative medical products “Angel” can be used both in terms of medical hospital and at home.

Each house has a home first aid kit that allows you to deal quickly with emergency situations. Add to your first aid kit dressings “Angel” — and any injury will be a problem for you. Wound Dressing will be simple and not burdensome thing, because our bandages and dressings perfectly fixed, easy to use.

Products “Angel” allows much faster beat the disease than conventional means, and hence it is more economical and efficient. No need to wonder what to do and how to treat wounds. If you want to dressing wounds - choose Angel, and you will see how quickly and efficiently can be treating the wounds.

Products for professional wound care

New products

New productsThe company is working constantly to improve the existing products and new product development.
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ProductionTo help you understand what is our production, we’d like to tell you the following...
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